Meet the Author


Who is G.C. Johnson?

G. C. Johnson (Gabby) has been a writer since 2006, coming a long way from scribbling away at notebooks in class. She now writes at her laptop and slowly yet surely works on her novels. Not only is she a book nerd and a Hufflepuff (she thought she was a Ravenclaw, but was lied to all those years), she’s also a chronic pain warrior and has been battling for five years. She can be seen browsing the aisles of Barnes and Noble or Books-a-Million in her black and red wheelchair with a Sprite in her hand. She is the author of The Stranger Within and its sequel, Lovely Vengeance.

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Why writing?

She’s been writing since she was nine, but it wasn't until she was twelve that it really became something more to her. Gabby would write Percy Jackson fanfic for school projects and her teachers noticed she was a good storyteller. That's when it all changed.  


Few favorites...

~ Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows, Shadow and Bone Trilogy)

 ~Kerri Maniscalco (Stalking Jack the Ripper series)

~Marie Lu (The Young Elites Trilogy)

~Sherrilyn Kenyon (Chronicles of Nick) **pictured here**

~John Flanagan (Ranger's Apprentice)

~Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

The Stranger Within Series (Book 1 & 2)

The Stranger Within


 Olivia Jenkins and Sam Wayne used to be the closest of friends until their friendship ended abruptly the summer before high school. Three years later, Sam is now the leader of a Lower Manhattan street gang, and despite it all, Olivia's in love with him. When the two are forced to be Geometry partners, they'll have to work past their childhood memories and present rivalry for a pleasant senior year... but old feelings and a secret threaten to ruin it. 

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Lovely Vengeance


 Eight months after the events in The Stranger Within, Sam and Olivia are graduated and ready for a hectic free life. However, when former friend and member Santiago seeks revenge on Sam for disbanding Under-Twenty, he declares war. In the sequel to The Stranger Within, the bad boy and good girl are thrown back into the world of violence as their personal lives start to rip at the seams. And while Sam and Olivia grow closer, Santiago becomes bolder and that pushes Sam towards the black hole that is his inner darkness. 

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The Stranger Within Series (Book 3 & 4)

Phantom’s Lament


After a three year rivalry, a kidnapping, and a war, Olivia Jenkins and Sam Wayne are ready to settle down and live gang free, but when knowledge of a past tragedy reveals a neatly tied conspiracy, Sam risks losing Olivia's heart as he battles emotional numbness and prepares to go against the man that started the dominoes falling five years ago. 

Tragedy's Voice

In the last installment of The Stranger Within,

In the last installment of The Stranger Within Series...

*** TSW Fan Art ***

Lovely Vengeance Park Scene


Art work done by local artist Jonathan Rosenbaum with majaNATION

majaNATION prints

Olivia & Sam


Art work done by friend Hollyn Gentry

Sam and Olivia's Theme

Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

I swear Ed read an early copy of The Stranger Within because of how freaking accurate this song was for Sam and Olivia's romance.

Sam's Theme

This song is just perfect for Sam's obsession with his weapon of choice ;)

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